Digital Thyristor Power Regulator (W7)

Model: W7 series

  • Can display the data for voltage(RMS) current(RMS) and power(RMS)
  • Three-phase voltage(RMS) current(RMS) and can be displayed
  • With modbus RS485 communication and 4-20mA or 0-10V(two function choose one)
  • A special control mode with constant voltage(RMS), limit current(RMS) , constant current(RMS), constant power(RMS).
  • With phase start and zero crossing cycle function
  • With RUN and STOP signal contact
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  • Down-opened panel, easy for fuse replacement.
  • Top & bottom shielding covers are designed for safety and fashion out looking, also easy for wiring installation.
  • Using European detachable control signal connector for easy replacement without re-wiring installation.
  • It contains high-speed fuses to prevent damage to the main components when anomalies occur, freeing external wiring and reducing installation space.
  • Triggering circuit and the main board are designed separately to avoid the main board damage when main circuit malfunctions.
  • Automatic power frequency detection for 45~65Hz. No need for selection for switch.
  • Digital control box can show real-time information and easy to operate. It can pull outside and can be alternative voltage, current or power display table.
  • The mode with voltage (RMS), current (RMS), power (RMS).
  • It can connect 250 units with RS485 (MODBUS RTU) communication.
  • It can make the power evenly distributed with multiple connect functions.
  • Digital operator box can preset parameter. (input percentage, output percentage…..)
  • Input resolution 10-Bit, output resolution 0.1%, A variety of parameters can be set for customers to better meet the demand.
  • It can add on RS485 communication, analog output (0-20mA or 4-20mA) and electronic contacts.
  • 4~20mA, 1~5VDC, 2~10VDC, 0~20mA, 0~5VDC, 0~10VDC, dry contact points, etc. and all control signals are ready to use.
  • Two analog signal input can be programmed for a number of functions: Abnormal reversion, output percentage, maximum output limit, manual control setting, manual and automatic control setting switch
  • Nine control mode: Phase control proportional output, Zero crossing cycle sampling, Zero crossing time sampling, Phase start for cycle sampling, Phase start for time sampling, Phase constant voltage, Phase limit current, Phase constant current, Phase constant power. It can suitable for all kinds of occasions and meet your requirement.
  • Error notice: fuse is blown, over current, over heat, temperature sensor error, low current detection, three-phase load imbalance, EEPROM error, communication error, ext. It can offer prompt exception protection and have abnormality traceability.
  • Multi-function dry contact: Abnormal dry contact (normal open), Abnormal dry contact (normal close) , Operation output contact.