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Wire in a wide range of alloys optimized for use in, for example, resistance, high-temperature and conductive applications

The Kanthal range of alloys include, for example, resistance heating alloys, resistance alloys and soft conductive alloys.

Product forms available are:

  • Round wire
  • Ribbon (flat wire)
  • Shaped wire
  • Stranded wire

The wire is supplied on spools, in coils, in pail pac or as straightened lengths and available with or without coating.


Strip in a wide range of alloys optimized for use in electrical resistance and high-temperature applications, Standard sizes range from thickness 0.10 to 3.5mm (0.0039 to 0.1378 inch) and width 4-195mm (0.157-7.68 inch).

Kanthal strip is normally delivered in cold-rolled condition with ground surface and supplied in coils with an internal diameter of 400mm (15.75inch) or in straightened lengths.