Roller Wheel Temperature Probe (K type)

Model: LS-160H

  • K Type
  • Max. Temp.: 450 C
  • Roller Material: Stainless Steel
  • Length of Coil Wire 2ML
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A temperature probe is a type of temperature sensor. There are many different types of temperature probe(immersion/needle/air/surface/rolling wheel/PT100/ adhesive/clamp...) and these can be applied to temperature-related test instruments and laboratories.


The roller wheel temperature measuring probe is suitable for measuring smooth, rotating or moving objects flat surfaces, such as smooth plastic, steel pipes, PC boards, textiles and conveyor belts.


  • K type
  • Straight handle
  • Temp: 450 C
  • With miniature connector
  • Stainless Steel Wheel
  • Fast response time
  • PU coil cable (yellow or green color)
  • (Straight cable length can be ordered as your request )
  • Easy to measure the flat surface temperature of moving objects.
  • Can be used with K Type thermometer(305P).