Humidity Sensor Moudle

Model: HMZ-435CHS1 

  • Linear DCV output
  • Humidity Sensor Module with high performance and reliability. 
  • Wide humidity operating range
  • Humidity Sensor Module with good long-term stability.
  • Humidity Sensor Module is RoHS compliant. 
  • Very low cost
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Humidity Sensor Module consists of an HCZ sensor and integrated circuit, providing a linear DC Voltage output for 0-100%RH, which enables user can apply HCZ sensor easily.


Temperature Output

Using thermistor 503 R(25℃)=50KΩ±1%,


Humidity output

0~3.5VDC At 25°C, Vin=5.00VDC

Temperature accuracy

Resistance(1%):50±0.5KΩ(at 25±0.2℃)

Humidity accuracy

±5%RH at 25°C, 60%RH, Vin=5.00VDC

Humidity transmitting Range

0 to 60°C

Operating humidity

95%RH or less

Operating temperature

10 to 90%RH

Current consumption

5mA max:(2mA avg.)

Supply voltage(Vin)



Air conditioner, Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Dry box
Hygrometer, Recorder, Weather forecast equipment
Copier, printer