Surface Temperature Sensor

Model: TC-SEN03B, TC-SEN03A

  • Measurement Range: -40 ~ 250 C (Higher temperature model can be customized)
  • Accuracy: DIN IEC751 A Class.
  • Fast response, high accuracy.
  • Easy to installation, Resistance to harsh environments and chemicals.
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Sensor Element

TC-SEN03A(Attachble type)/ TC-SEN03B(Screws mounting type)

PT100Ω Class A (thermocouple type optioned)

Extension of signal cable

1M Teflon cable (The length can be customized)

Sheet size

TC-SEN03A: 10x16mm, t=1.0mm

TC-SEN03B: 19x22m, t=1.5mm

Reaction rate

Approx. 15 sec. *Surface completely fit circumstances

Thermal conductivity

Lower than 100, ≧0.8W/mk

Higher than 100, ≧1.5W/mk

Mechanical strength

Climate-bearable for outdoor use

Anti-corrosion : Gasoline, Acetone, Cleaning fluid, Acid-base agent


Option Accessories

Sensor Element

A.     Platinum PT100Ω/50Ω/1000Ω DIN – Class A

B.     Thermocouple K, J, E, T, N Type

Extension signal cable

1.PVC cable  2. Silicon cable  3. Teflon cable

*The length of extension signal cable upon request.



Variety of metals,

Plastics, Irregularly surface,


Panel, Solar panels,

Meteorological observations