Dual Wire Entry Thermocouple Head (KNZD(s))

Model: KNZD(S)

Made in Taiwan

  • All screws, washers and chains are S. Steel.
  • The coating meet ROHS requirement.
  • Dual wire entry
  • IP68
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Dual Wire Entry Thermocouple Head

  • Material: Alloy-Aluminum- ADC12.(It is most suitable for die-casting aluminum alloy.)
  • Available Colors: Silver, Purple, Blue, Red, Black, Yellow (PANTONE or RAL) (Liquid coated or Epoxy cated are available upon request.)
  • Protection Tube Entry: PF1/2", PF3/4", NPT1/2", NPT3/4", BSP1/2", BSP3/4". M20x1.5, M24x1.5, Bare Bore
  • Extension Wire Entry: PF1/2", PF3/4", NPT1/2", NPT3/4", BSP1/2". BSP3/4", M20x1.5, Bare Bore